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Why and How to create RFC Destinations - please expalin in detail ?

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Hi Friends ,

Can u please tell me

1. why we are creating RFC Destinations ?

2. How to create RFC destinations ?

3. don't we need RFC Destination for RFC Receiver Adapter ?

4. Only we need to create RFC Destination for RFC Sender ?

5. What are all the steps do we nedd in XI side and R3 side ?

6. in XI also do wee ned to use SM59 to create RFC Destination and R3 side also do we need to use SM59 to create rfc Destination ?

Can u please explain in deatil



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Answers (2)

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If you want to connect to R/3 system to SAP XI using RFC adapter then it's TCP/IP connection. Type 'T'

If it's SAP XI to SAP R/3 using RFC adapter then you give the system details in the Adapter and don't need RFC Destination

The above should give u the parameter then you need to define.

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Hello ,

No, we need not create any RFC destination to call the RFC.

Just configure the RFC (Receiver adapter) just by entering SAP logon credentials.

For more info please go tru the link below,

For creation


For troubleshooting


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