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wht modifications we will do in scripts

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hi abapers each and every interview they are asking wht modifictions u have done in ur layout set. can please send wht modifications we will do in real time. any one can guide me

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Modfying is nothing but copying the existing form to new name.

For example MEDRUCK is standard one for Purchase order.

Copy this to new one as follows.

1.In SE71 Utilities -> Copy from Client

2. Mandatory fields

Form Name:MEDRUCk

Source Client:Depends upon ur client

TArget form:ZMEDRUCK

Check both the check boxes there

3 .Click Save button

4.New form will be created

5.Now do ur changes.

Niow u have to add the program and the modified form in the NACE to an output type.

Next using the new out put type, in the transaction mee2n give a po number.

Next in the tool bar u have Goto -> Messages

In that screen u have to give the new out put type and medium and partner.

Once this is done u can save and go back check the print preview.

Follow the above steps and let me know if u face any problem,

So the above process is for modifying a script.

Mostly what we modify is displaying a field which is not there in the existing one or changing the layout to our own design.

And another major change is changing the logo, every company will have it's own logo so we will be chaning the logo.



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hI mommed ahmed,

initially ,u will have to create a text module for adding the company address

and other modifications will be like adding LoGO, adding fields, and some fields u have to create and u need to calculate and print the results by manipulating of the existing values.

and you have to add the terms and condition in the footer for some forms.

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Moving fields around, add new fields, taking away fields, changing fonts, adding logos, etc, etc.


Rich Heilman