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while filling setup table

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whilw iam filling setup table iam getting the error

<b>No extraction structure active or no BW</b>

in rsa5 and rsa6 i did the procedure

inlbwe that ds is active

i deleted the set uptable

after i fill the set up table

iam getting this error

iam experting a solutions from the experts



plz response to my mail id

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Kiran,

It is not possible to modify the extract structure if

1. Set up tables have been populated during preparation and contains data

2. outstanding items in the extraction que (LBWQ) pending updates

3. Unfinished delta load or items in delta que RSA7.

What update method are you using ? Serialised V3 or the latest methods like

Queued delta ? what version of PI are u using. As i assume u also have latest PI or PI > 2001.2.

When u run SM13, make sure you select * or client and * for user. Also, the

date selection - make sure u enter date like 01011990 to include any

document that was posted. You will find some outstanding update records.If u

find any, try deleting them or else force the update using the collective


If you have modified and you get an error, you may have to set back the

changes and reactivate the extract structure first and then do a collective

run ( search for a program with R*02)- this program forces any outstanding

updates for the modules under '02'. This program probably is the same in the

'job control' but am not sure. It is safe to execute this report which will

clear any o/s updates.

Carry out the changes using the following steps.

0. Lock transactions to be sure no postings are going to take place while

you are about to make changes.

1.There is a report you can run to check whethere changes to the extract

structure is possbile without errors. Report name is RMCSBWCC. Enter all the

comm tables related to purchasing ilike header, item and SCL while

performing this check. You should get a green light for permitting changes

to extract structure.Deactivating the extract structure has no effect so it

can remain active.

2. Delete the set up table for 02.

3. Performa collective run to be sure all qued data is taken into delta que

(even if u have never initialised).

4. Delete if you find any in RSA7 for the datasources in question. you will

lose the data but can be reinitialised later.

5. Run RMCSBWCC again to check if it is ok for bring about changes to the

extract structure.

6. If OK, make the changes necessary and save, generate datasource,

replicate and perform set up table before init run from BW. make sure no

collective run is started before completion of init load if you are using

serialised update.

hope this helps

award points if useful.



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