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Which UI will be prefered in new version of SAP NetWeaver

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Which UI will be prefered in new version of SAP NetWeaver (After JSR-168 implementation) ?

JSPDynaPage and WebDynPro are good frameworks but I think they have no future...

JSR-168 + JSF (There are bridges between them) is more powerful and has bigger community and more developers know it. For developer company will be cheaper to investment in JSR168 and JSF than in JSPDynaPage.

What do you think?

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Hi Sergery,

I dunno much abt JSR-168 but I cannot agree your comment saying Webdynpro & JSPDynpage has no future.

Webdynpro has a major role in SAP R/3 application building its very easy to code even.With the support from EP Webdynpro still look to be a better choice for SAP appl dev.As prakash right pointed out that there will be much users using Webdynpro either as customers or partners Webdynpro utilization cannot be easily ruled out.

What you say?



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I agree that WebDynpro could be better for R/3 customers and ABAP too. There are many WebDynPro application and they have to be supported.

But what about new application?

What about new strategy of SAP? I hope that SAP NetWeaver will soon support JSR-168.

I don't know R/3 I am just J2EE developer. For me and for thousand J2EE developers will be better to use what We know well. There are many good open source frameworks/technologies Spring MVC, WebFlow, JSF, Hibernate.

Oracle had ADF (it's own framework) Today Oracle is investing money into JSF and JSF components.

BEA supports Struts and Spring.

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Hi Sergey,

web dynpro is the one UI technology for SAP applications in future.

As far as I know, a JSR 168 compliant container is still planned for the next Netweaver release.

Regards, Karsten

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I agree with you that JSR-168 + JSF has bigger community but I disagree that WebDynpro and JSPDynpage have no future. SAP portal doesn't support JSR-168 specification yet and by the time they do there will be already lot of people on WebDynpro. Also, most of SAP's portal customer are R/3 customer and it's very easy to build UI component using WebDynpro that connect to R/3.

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