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which datasource contain fileds HKONT and BUDAT??

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I need 2 fields in the billing reports. One is HKONT(G/L account), the other one is BUDAT(Posting date), all information are required by new BI billing reports. Is there anyone know which standard datasource do we have which contains both fields? If we do not have those fields available, which standard datasource that you suggest to enhance? And from which table that we can get those two fields? Thanks!!!

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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Are you referring to the general ledger accounting or the new general ledger accounting. Anyhow you can see both in here:

General ledger accounting (new):

General ledger accounting:

For example for the above the datasource is this one:

Datasource: 0FI_GL_4, tables: BKPF, BSEG


Jorge Diogo

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