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Which CCMS Monitors are most essential?

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I am starting to map out a monitoring strategy for our company. I would like to start by activating the most essential CCMS monitors which can be used across all of our current SAP solutions with agents installed on them such as CRM, SRM, XI, ERP, and SolMan. I have availability up and running on all of them, but want to know which other monitors are most critical for checking performance statistics, free space, cpu usage, memory allocation... etc.

Are there any particular monitors that are part of a best practice... should always be enabled for critical system monitoring.

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if you have SLA for your systems, you can monitor the KPIs.

it is not easy to find the right monitors. I wrote monitor concepts for different customers, but the monitored MTE were very different..

if you have more detailed questions, ask ;-).

Kind regards


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Hi Timm,

I am also wondering if there could be a set of MTEs for different SAP Conponents that can be considered important/critical.

The basic are DB, OS performance and some R3 types.

but in these too, the requirement can vary according to the history of performance of the systems for different type of use.

but still wondering if can categorise them .