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Where to get EBF: 12.6 SP00 PL03 Localized Runtime (build 4035)

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I have a Powerbuilder 12.6 - SAP - Maintenance contract and a S-user ID. Where can I get the latest EBF? I can download the release notes, but when I try to d/l anything else I am not allowed. Maybe I should have used another category EBF... user or EBF... system or EBF....!  but I can't seem to find the link again. Why is the navigation through the site so unbelievably complicated.



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Gerry;

  If you have a S-UserID you should be all set!

Please try the following ...

1) Go to SAP Service Marketplace Download Center:

2) Login using your S-User_ID credentials.

3) Then navigate go to .... Support Packages and Patches =>  P => SYBASE POWERBUILDER => SYBASE POWERBUILDER 12.6

You should now see the new patches

(Example below from an old PB 12.5 search)


Regards ... Chris

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Hi Chris,

Thanks, I was redirected to the new portal but I managed to find my way to the downloads. 

I had though to open an incognito window as SAP informed me that I had logged in with a P-user ID (not true) and suggested opening an anonymous window. Anyway it worked and I am now a proud user of build 4091. Yea! FYI the address for the EFSs is

BTW it's a pity about your ISP failure in the webcast “Under the hood”. Unfortunately I couldn't make part deux but am looking forward to the recorded version when it comes out as I am very interested in porting my PB classic app to the web.

Thanks for all your help and patience with this miserable old s*d - what would we do without you lot?

Kind Regards,


P.s. I have hugged a composite datawindow.

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That is great news Gerry and ... thanks for the tips on navigating this convoluted software vendor support site!

BTW: The webcast video is now ready. Many thanks to the PBTV folks who spliced the two sessions together after the power failure cut-short the presentation 1/2 way through.

FYI:  PowerBuilder.TV - Appeon Web – A Look Under the Hood


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