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where to find auth.xml?

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HI Gurus,

Once we changed the logon page we have to redirect Authe.XML file into new logon.par.bak file

Now my question is where to find auth.xml file?

Thanks in Advance,


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Find configtool on this path


Start configtool editor.Switch to edit mode by clicking on the will open a confirmation dialog


Navigate till cluster_data/server/persistent/ In the tree, select authschemes.xml

and choose Download. Save the file (Since we

do not want to tamper the Initial setting swe will make Custoomized deployment


Open the file and replace the Occurrence of with your par file name ( don¡¦t change the rest part such as basicauthentication),and save it with a new name.

Navigate till and choose create symbol from

the toolbar available.

Select the type File-entry.Click on the Upload and select the custom file (which

you have made).Press create and close the window.Check whether the new node

appears or not in the configuration tree.

Navigate till cluster_data/server/cfg/services.

Double click on the Property sheet of

Click on login. Authschemes.definition file .

Add the name of the xml file which you have created and Press apply custom.

Restart the Portal. That is often not done and the changes will not appear.



Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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Hi Dharani,

These are the steps:

1)Start the Config Tool by executing <SAPJ2EEEngine_installation>\j2ee\configtool\configtool.bat.

2. Navigate to cluster_data>server>persistent>

3. Switch to edit mode by clicking on the pencil which is at the upper right area.

4. In the tree, select authschemes.xml and choose Download. Save the file to your local directory



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