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Where to download NW Gateway 2.0

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Hello Gateway Users,

I want to set up an NW Gateway 2.0 system. I have the SAP Note 1569624 in front of me an there is written that i can download gateway 2.0 from swdc. The path is:

Installation and Upgrade -> Browse Donwload Catalog -> SAP NetWeaver and complementary products -> SAP NetWeaver Gateway -> Gatway 2.0

But there is no Gateway under Netwaever an complementary ... .

Otherwise i have the CD Number: 51040859. But the Number is unknown.

Now my question is where to download the gateway software?

Or is there only a trial version until today? But then i cant understand why there is a released note from 30.11.2011 with this content.

Thanks for any Reply!


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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I presume that you know how to install gatweay.Its a netweaver abap 7.02 with a addon.

Its available in the path mentioned in the note.Have you clicked on downloads tab.

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Thank you for your answer.

Yes i know how to install it, i have the installation an configuration guide. But when i follow the path mentioned in the note i can see no Gateway 2.0. There is nothing.

Is it possible that i have to sign in to any program or register for it? Besides i could be that i can only see and download it when i am registered?

Has anybody of you an idea?

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I too faced the same problem with my market place id. But when basis people logged in with their id, they could see the link as mentioned in the document. So, I guess the link is not visible since we don't have enough rights or roles. So I suggest you to contact basis people.


Anand G

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Thank you for your advice!

But this don't solve my problem. I have used our basis administrator user and still can't see the netweaver gateway 2.0 .

Has anyone of you an idea how and where to download it. And what is with the cd number 51040859. Why isnt it possible to find it with the cd number. I cant understand it.

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Has your company licensed SAP NetWeaver Gateway? I think that can be the reason why you don't see the download.

Best regards


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SAP Netweaver gateway 2.0 now available as cd:51046883 can we use instead  of cd: 51040859(but i could not found in download library cd: 51040859).?

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