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Where to define third party logical system name in file to idoc scenario

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Hi Friends,

I am shalini shah.

I have one doubt, where I can define the logical system name in File to Idoc scenario.

I created Logical system for R/3 system in SALE t.code, but where to define the Third party logical system ,

In SALE or any where.

Please give me solution.

Warm Regards,

Shalini Shah

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Answers (3)

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We have to define Logical sys name in XI for third party systems.

If L1 is logical sys for XI represents Third party sys

If L2 is logical sys for R/3 represents SAP sys

define in sender business system or serivice. Go to serivice in busynes sys and click adapter specific Identifiers and provide L1 logical sys for third party.

Define Logical sys L2 in receiver busyness system .

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Hi Shalini,

You will give logical system name when you are creating Technical system for R/3 System in SLD(Each client in R/3 will have different logical system names).So when you define Business system for R/3 client it will pick logical system name automatically from Technical system.

Apart importing R/3 business system you can see logical system(Double click on Business system->Service->Adapter-specific Identifiers)

You dont have to define Logical system for Third party system.



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Hi Shalini,

You need to create Business system in SLD and import the business system in ID.Then u will start with the configuration.

Just refer the below link for configurations with step by step solution.

File To IDOC - Part1 (SLD and Design):

File To IDOC - Part2 (Configuration):

File To IDOC - Part3 (Steps required in XI and R3):



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Dear Chirag

Thanks for your help.


Shalini Shah