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Where to define remote function module name in RFC adapter

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R/2(IDOC) <->XI <-> R/3 (RFC)

I can only define remote server information in RFC receiver adpater, but where to define the function module on remote server&#65311;

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the communication channel need the request in an specific xml format.

Part of this format is the function modul name.

when you use an imported rfc module you have automaticly the right xml format which the communication channel understand.

the Communication channel need as root tag the function module name


<ns0:Z_MY_FUNCTION xmlns:ns0="">

so it is with xslt mappings (for example) as well possible to call a rfc modules without importing it into your repository.



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hi zhao...

if u use RFC at the receiver side...

first u ill be creating RFC using SE 37 in r/3 system right...

then during design stage u ill be importing RFC..and u ill do mapping..

Since RFC can act as message types. and interfaces..

So at the configuration side after creating business service u ill be specifing inbound RFC interface for receiver channel right....only with the help of inbound RFC interfaces... XI ill identify the Remote function module...

hope this helpful...

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In the RFC adapter you need not mention any Functional module name.

RFC (Function module) that is imported in the IR will be used accordingly depending on the scenario being synchronous or asynchronous.



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<i>where to define the function module on remote server&#65311;</i>

No need to specify the RFC name in communication channel.

This is identified when u do the Interface Determination. There u select the RFC interface