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Where on Earth can I get the latest NWDS for Java and PDK?

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Hi everyone,

Where can I find the latest version of NWDS for Java? I am using 2.0.17 (build 200605050350) but I'm not convinced that this is very current. What should I be using for Portal version

Plus I am struggling to find any documentation whatsoever. I tried to install the PDK, but I think it I must have been using an old version as it would not install. Does the latest version of NWDS come with a version of the PDK, or with any other kind of documentation?

Are there any Java Portal development guides or tutorials you can point me to on the web or on SDN? I have plenty of experience with J2EE, but shoe-horning an existing J2EE application into a NetWeaver Portal is proving difficult.

Thanks very much,


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... and are ur sure that you post your question on the right forum (NWDS != NWDI).

But to try to help you, if your J2EE Engine (Portal) is on stack xx you "should" use the same NWDS stack.

@PDK, NWDS always has the latest PDK (ok, if it's updated only nows SAP, ...)

@Portal Dev Guides: Spend some time in SDN forums, wiki, ... you will find more then you need