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Where is the Configured Product data Stored (IPC data ) in b2b/b2c Appln?

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Hi All,

We are working on SAP Portal customization project, We are using "<b>ISA R/3</b>", and <b>NOT</b> using "<b>ISA-CRM-R/3</b>".

I want to know exactly which Object/Objects hold the IPC Configuration data after we configure the Product. I want to change some of the Characteristcs Value and also its Price / Description after the product is configured.

This is what i have tried doing to change the value --

1. I get the current configuration data.

2. From the configuration object, i get all the instances of that configuration.

3. Get all the Characteristics for each Instance.

4. I could get all the values for each product.

now based on some conditions i want to change the Values/ Price/ Description of the Characteristics <b>and dont want to validate that Characteristic in the IPC SCE Engine</b>.

I also want to add/delete/modify Instances and Characteristcs based on some conditions..

I am getting the data in the form of an xml from the IPC Application

Please let me know where i should do it / look for it..

Any help would be highly appreciated..

Thanks in Advance..



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Were you ever able to get the required info on ISA

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Hi Venu,

I solved that issue..

What i was trying is not possible, thay were/are all together different API's..