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where can we see the loaded texts in a cube

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I use 0MATERIAL_ATTR and VENDOR_ATTR datasources to load text information in infocube 0PUR_C01 by creating the dataflow(trasformation,Infopackage, DTP) between these datasources and infocubes respectively.I ran the infopackage and i am able to see the data in PSA.I ran the DTP and it ran perfectly alright.I go to contents of infocube but not able to see these text descriptions for material and vendor.Where exactly can i go and view this text desc in infocube 0PUR_C01 for material and vendor.

would appreaciate any information on this.



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Though you are not able to see it in the Cube, when you run a query/report on this cube and pull in Vendor or material key, , you will see that the text gets pulled next to it in the report or you can do the setting to see the text alone from contect menu.

Text is not physically stored in the cube & is stored as part of master data text.

So if you for some business reasons need the text values of Vendor or material to be in the cube (not recommended ), the you have to create objects in the cube to hold these values and have the Vendor/Material text Datasource as the source and map it.