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Where can i find the XI documents ??

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Dear SIr,

Where can i find the XI documents with related to the Business benefit , ROI

Thank you and best regards,


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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find here with you the documents

Intoduction to XI project


Learning Map;

Gratitude for Rocking response on the SAP XI Solid Starter Material…!


the below link will provide all the related links for step by step scenarios in XI


SAP XI - Where to Find Information

SAP‘s Exchange Infrastructure

SAP Exchange Infrastructure 3.0 Integrating Heterogeneous Systems with Ease

SAP NetWeaver Visual Composer

SAP Exchange Infrastructure for Developers ( This is an excellent website for free pdf book for XI)

Exchange Infrastructure : XI Transaction Codes

A Beginner's Guide to SAP XI Settings part I

A Beginner's Guide to SAP XI Settings part II


Exchange Infrastructure Learning Map;

SAP Exchange Infrastructure eLearning Catalog(U wil get all downloads regarding XI starting from basics to end)

All Articles on SAP NetWeaver Exchange Infrastructure(This website gives al articles on XI) [original link is broken]

Mastering SAP Netweaver XI - Programming( PDF Book for XI)

SAP XI Learning Guide,289142,sid21_gci1008087,00.html

SAP Exchange Infrastructure 2.0

Trouble logging to Integration Builder ( IR / ID ) ?


One of the most powerful feature of XI, Business Process Management:


SAP Exchange Infrastructure 2.0 in High Availability Environments

SAP NetWeaver Process Integration: Best Practices for Roles and Procedures in Integration Projects



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Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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From SDN and Service market place.



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Hi Vimol,

You might get some useful information from SAP website.