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Where are the framework files - 2 ?

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Hello all

In documentation for installing MI I found that I must upload some framework files called MOBILEENGINE_AWT, MOBILEENGINE_JSP and JAVAVM.

I think i found some client framework installation files on my MI 2.1 SP03 CD, but not whit those filenames.

As example I have ../Client/AWT/win32/comp/setup.exe or


I have no JAVAVM.

Can you please give me a hint about what is next step ?

Best regards

Thomas Madsen Nielsen

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I have now found a "Mobile Infastructure 2.5 SP 9" CD but the scenario is the same.

I still see no MOBILEENGINE_AWT, MOBILEENGINE_JSP and JAVAVM files, but I have client installation files like MI2.5_SP09\AWT\win32\comp\setup.exe.

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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Thomas,

The client framework files are contained in the setup.exe itself. When you install the client by running setup.exe all these files get installed. But for this it is expected that system has jvm already installed on it.

Hope it helps you

Ravi Sharma

HCL Technologies

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