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When use "Direct Delta", "Queued Delta" and "Unserialized V3"?

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Hi, I saw here a loot of threads asking the diference between these update methods.

But my question is simple, When I use one or another?

Like, Direct Delta I can use in real time data aquisition! (it´s just an exemple, i do not know if is possible).

But to clarify the question of the use of this methods, some exemples of when is recommended to use one type or another will be very usefull.


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Hi Eduardo,

You can use the update mode in the below mentined scenarios

Direct Delta: You can use this delta if your have lower number of transactions i.e., Less number of document modifications. AS this results in lesser number of transactional data/Records to be picked.

Queued Delta: you can choose this update mode if you have more number of documents/trasactions with

more number of documents changes posted in ur R3 as it results in more in number trasactions.

Serialised Delta: It is the best method to get data to SAP BW.

In general if Supermarkets will opt for Queued Delta as they needs to record large number of transactions and for them this mode is best suited.

Direct Delta is opt by big companies where there will be lesser number of records and changes