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When KF value only provided at higher level and not at more detailed level

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Dear Experts

I have a multiprovider consisting 2 DSOs:

1. DSO for price.



AAAA__ AA11________AA22________$10

AAAA__AA11_________AA23_______ $17

As shown above, AAAA is made up of 2 sub-items AA22 and AA23 , each priced differently.

2. DSO for Qty



As shown above, this DSO for quantity does not have sub-item qty. What should be the quantities for each sub-item? Its always exactly the same as the Qty at Char-A level . Eg. 200 pieces of AAAA is made up of 200 pieces of AA22 and AA23.

The user wants to drilldown to sub-item levels to see Price X Qty.

I tested, when not drilled down to these levels, the display and figures are correct.

But when drilled down , the report will have additional line for each record due to the fact that the Qty is not at sub-item level.

So, qty will be shown in another line and the price will be on the line with the sub-item.

How can this situation be resolved using BEx? Else, I would use staging to resolve this. But I am hoping BEx level can resolve it. If staging is used, I would need to copy the same qty to each sub-item for each record by adding qty field into Price DSO or union the 2 DSOs into 1 DSO. But I thought Multiprovider is already a Union?

Kindly could you provide me some advice, clues or opinion?

Thanks in advance.

My Best regards


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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This issue can be resolved by using constant selection

For step by step approach please refer the below pdf.

Hope it helps.



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Dear AL

Thank you so much!



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