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When I start SPROXY, I get "Enter Logon Data" Upload Protected Area (after system copy)

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Hi all;

I have performed a system copy of our SAP ECC 6.0 system. The system is using proxy connections to both ABAP and JAVA stack of SAP PI 7.30.

When I start transaction SPROXY I get the following screen: Enter Logo Data / Upload Protected Area

When I specify the correct PI client 001 with a valid user / password, the ESR data is read.

I tried to run report SPROX_CHECK_IFR_ADDRESS. It gives the same prompt. When I continue the system say: cannot determine repository version.

Any suggestion?

Best regards;


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Hello Wilbert,

What is EHP version of your ECC system? If EHP5 and above then please check you have created SAP_PROXY_ESR RFC destination, also check for correct credentials are maintained in the RFC destination and also hope you have maintained correct entries in SLDAPICUST t-code.

If below EHP5 then you need to create SAPSLDAPI and LCRSAPRFC RFC destination.



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Thanks Nitin for your reply. I just found the root cause. Among SAP_PROXY_ESR we have a couple of RFC connections to PI (both ABAP and JAVA stack). In 1 of the connections the password for the PI user was not correct, hence the user got locked.