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When a building a vertical table in webi

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Thank you in advance for you time!

When I put together a small table of 3 variables in a vertical table the result was two rows of data. The first row was like so:

Restraints Alternatives Orders

xxxxxxx 8 1

null 8 1

It appears to have created a sum row? Or there is a null in my data but I don't see the null?

Do the tables automatically create a summary at the bottom if the objects are measures?

Thanks Scott

ps what is the purpose of the "primary tag" below?

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Answers (4)

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The merged dimension is the fin# . I'm attaching two txt documents. The first is the orders (O) query results and the second is the Alternatives (Alt) results.

Thanks again! Scott

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it's difficult to point out why it's happening without knowing the base daat in queries.if possible share the sample data in each queries so that we can try.

otherwise add one by one objects in the table which are used in the formulas to find out where is the more question these detail variable are associated with which merged object?

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Sorry Amit, I don't think I was very clear.

q1 = fin#, field desciption, orderid, detail display value

q2 = fin#, response value-descrete, response value string, element desc

RT (detail variable) formula is:

= ( If ( [Field Description] = "Restraint Type2" And [Detail Display Value] <> " " ) Then [Detail Display Value] )

ALT (detail variable) formula is:

= Count ( [Response Value- Discrete] )

O (detail variable) formula is:

=Count ([Order Id])

Table consists of :

Columns/data as it should look(below):

RT | Alt | O (these are the column headers. they are the variables mentioned above)

Keyed | 108 | 21 (this is the first row of data)

Mitten | 16 | 3

Soft | 190 | 23

Basically for each RT there are a number of Alt and a number of O for each. I would like to show the count of Alt and O for each RT.

When I build my table currently I get the following:

RT | Alt | O

key | null | 24

Soft | null | 6

null | null | 30

#multivalue | 19 | null

In the case of the o this is a count done in the universe. In the case of the Alt, this is a variable created in the webi report.

I hope this helps! Thx!

Part 2

If I look at just

RT | Alt

key | null

Soft| null

null | null

multivalue | 19

I'm not sure how to interpret this. I've tried to put context in the formula for Alt but everything version I tried didn't get me what I' needed would be something like:

RT | Alt

key | 9

soft | 10


Part 3

These is a merged dimension on Fin#

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No,Automatically sum row is not created.It's need to be right click on the column->Insert sum.

Check in your case if is there any null rows in the database?might be because of null values you are getting 81.