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whats is XSS ?

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plz let me know the ans not the links

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it is simple liza

as simple as we used to say Windows 9X

for representing windows 95, 98 etc.....

XSS stands for ESS and MSS....that is all.

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XSS is a combination of both ESS and MSS buisness packages.If you deploy XSS in your j2ee engine, all the iviews corresponding to both ESS and MSS can be found in your PCD structure.

Steps to configure MSS:


1 - Make sure you have a SLD available, or you can enable the local SLD on your Portal J2EE instance via http://localhost:port/sld and login as Administrator or J2EE_ADMIN and run the auto import.

2 - Define your ECC server in the SLD as a new WAS ABAP instance and define all the settings via the Wizard.

3 - Use the WebDynpro explorer to configure the Jco destinations to use the new WAS ABAP instance in your SLD

4 - Deploy to your J2EE Engine via SDM

5 - Also deploy to your J2EE Engine via SDM

6 - Define the system definitions as per the MSS documentation for alias SAP_WebDynpro_XSS and others (see link below for MSS 60.1, I couldn’t find 60.2 just now but 60.1 looks almost identical)

7 - Assign Employee role from PCD to your Portal user and assign the relevant profile to your backend user in ECC.

8 - Use transaction pa30 to add a communications infotype entry to map your username to an employee in the hierarchy.

MSS 60.1 config instructions:

Hope this helps.



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Hi ,

It is consist of ESS (Employee Self-Service )and MSS( Manager Sel-Service) .

ESS and MSS are parts of HR, they can be integrated to Portal .


Jianguo Chen

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Hi Liza,

> plz let me know the ans not the links

There is no sense re-writing some answer which already has been written hundred of times. So please take this and/or search on google by your own:

Hope it helps


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