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What to feed a new born in BW

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Hi Experts....

I have kept my step in BW one month before and now learning extraction, modelling and reporting.

Plz ... can anyone send me the useful documents for it so that i can learn quickly. My id is

Thanks & Regards

Rakesh Jangir

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Welcome to BW Family,

You are very lucky to be a part of BW Family.

U buy a Fu Fu book and read it. It will definitely help u. As u are new to BW it will be very helpful book for you.

and for any further queries feel free to contact me.


Ravi Alakuntla.

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Hai Rakesh,

Go through the below links ....

just go through

Send some docs to ur mail id. chk n confirm dasame.

Architectural Overview

BI Data Modeling

Frontend Design

Go through these PDF's.

Enterprise Dataware Housing.

Enterprise Reporting.

Check these presentaions:

BI 7.0 reporting features



check if this helps

Multi-Dimensional Modeling with SAP NetWeaver BI

Modeling the Data Warehouse Layer with BI

Frontend Design Guidelines - SAP BI in SAP NetWeaver 2004s

Enterprise Reporting, Query, and Analysis - Developers Guide


John Wiley & Sons - SAP NetWeaver For Dummies:

0201703661 SAP BW: A Step by Step Guide for BW 2.0

********ASIGN POINTS IF HELPFULL**********



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Check the following links that will help you while learning BW.

Business Intelligence

BW 3.x and 3.5 "How To" Guides List

Changed Terminology for BI in SAP NetWeaver 7.0 (2004s)

SAP BI Demos and Screencams for SAP NetWeaver 2004s

SAP Business Information Warehouse Scenarios

SAP Best Practices for Business Intelligence - V1.70

Reporting and the BI Suite


Advanced Search

SAP NetWeaver Business Intelligence

Frequently Asked Questions - Business Intelligence in SAP NetWeaver 7.0 (2004s)

Frequently Asked Questions - SAP Business Intelligence, Release 3.5 and Earlier

Business Intelligence (BI) Blogs

Some features of BI 7 are in BI 7.0 the ODS as renamed as DSO

2. and in BI 7.0 No need to create info source.. insted of this we can create Transformations and Data Tranfer Process.

3. In Infosets now you can include Infocubes as well.

4. The Remodeling transaction helps you add new key figure and characteristics and handles historical data as well without much hassle. This is only for info cube.

5. The BI accelerator (for now only for infocubes) helps in reducing query run time by almost a factor of 10 - 100. This BI accl is a separate box and would cost more. Vendors for these would be HP or IBM.

6. The monitoring has been imprvoed with a new portal based cockpit. Which means you would need to have an EP guy in ur project for implementing the portal !

7. Search functionality hass improved!! You can search any object. Not like 3.5

8. Transformations are in and routines are passe! Yess, you can always revert to the old transactions too.

Check these links:

NW2004s help: -> SELECT key capability then select

-> information integration -> business intelligence.

For Modeling in Netweaver BI:

To know the New Features in BI:

Also check these links as well:

For Netweaver Security & Authorizations:

Also check for documents in SDN .You can find the screen shots,Demonstrations and lot of documents:



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Hi Rakesh,

Please got through this document: It is execllent for understaning multi dimensional modeling and analysis:

How to Guide: [original link is broken]

SAP Business Information Warehouse

and more you can find all the information to learn quick from this

pdf doc...are here and a lot of demos are also available.