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What to do about error SOFFICEINTEGRATION 206 : Error occurred while setting object property

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Hi guru's

I've a problem regarding showing an EXCEL spreadsheet in SAP.
After looking at the spreadsheet, doing something else, and then returning to the spreadsheet i get an error:
" Error occurred while setting an object property "
The error number is "SOFFICINTEGRATION-206"

Some things i have investigated:
1) the problem only occurs for some users
2) if the problem occurs for a user it is on DEV, ACC and PROD.
3) it is not related to memory (one person i asked to test this had no problem on the oldest laptop of the range we have)

The most confusing thing i found was this:
a) the problem occurred on my laptop at first
b) i logged in on someone else laptop and the problem was still there
c) i logged in on my own laptop again and the problem was no longer there.

So i think maybe something was wrong or missing on my roaming profile, and it got fixed by switching computers.
But it don't sound very plausible to me.

I found some things on google but not much.
Note 2337921 is regarding SOFFICEINTEGRATION-205 but it did not seem related
Other than that no links found on what my error is.

Any suggestions are welcome.


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Hi Robert,

I am also facing the same issue, any suggestions if you solved the problem.?


Nitin Sikka

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I just got issues like this, and I found that maybe some value/record start with '=', which makes that cell become to formula cell, therefore it causes an error when you export data to Excel. You can check it.

Below is an example.