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what's the diffrence between componet,view and window in a webdynpro pro?

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present i still not understand these concept,who can help me ,thank you!

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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A window is a representation of a Web Dynpro component that is visible to the outside, that is in the Web browser. Within a window, you can make several views.

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Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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WebDynpro Component:

A WebDynpro component is Unit of work or unit of reuse. As WebDynpro is mainly based on MVC architecture every part of WebDynpro is reusable. For example you developed a WebDynpro component for some common functionality like "Check account validity". You can reuse this component in any other WDComponents for the same functionality. You need not to implement again.

WebDynpor Windows & Views:

A WD ViewController is to implement the presentation layer nothing but the UI elements. It can be devided into two parts.

View - ( Layout ) - To create the UI elements

Controller - (Context, Actions, Controller Usage, Plugs, Methods & Evenhandlers and Implementation)Implementation purpose

A WD Window will be associated with an InterfaceView. You can create multiple Windows in a WD Component. And you can embed multiple Views in a single window.

Only one Window will be the default for any WD Application. Then what is the need of multiple windows?

This is because you can create different WD Applications for different windows with in a single WDComponent.

App1 - WDComp1 - WDInterfaceView1 - WDWindow1 - WDView1

App2 - WDComp1 - WDInterfaceView2 - WDWindow2 - WDView1

Hope this information helps to understand WebDynpro.

See this below pdf for structural concepts of WebDynpo.