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What's the difference between segment filtering and reduced message type

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Hi gurus,

What's the difference between segment filtering and reduced message type? It seems they have the same functionality: Reduce the segment while idoc is generated.

Thanks in advance.

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Answers (2)

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BD53 is for IDoc Reduction.

this allows you to create a reduced message based upon a standard message type.If you want see mandatory fields. go to T-coe BD53 and give one standard messege type name and eg: matmas

there mandatory fields will be in Green color..

And BD56- This transaction is used to filter out segments of IDocs for combination of sender and receiver. This is usefull in scenarios where a standard IDoc with many segments is used but the receiving partner is only interested in some of the segments

the table related to this transation is TBD20

please go through below blog you have an idea abt that,



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For reduced message types

field values are not overwritten in the receiving R/3 System, if the corresponding IDoc field contains the character "/".

For Segment Filtering

Individual segments can be removed from the IDoc before it is dispatched. If you want to remove IDoc segments, in Customizing for ALE choose:

Modeling and Implementing ALE Business Processes

Configure Master Data Distribution

Speecify Scope of Data for Distribution

Filter IDoc Segments (BD56_

The appropriate setting depends on the sending and receiving logical R/3 System.