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What's stopping your company from broad Fiori adoption?


What are your reasons?

Here is what I'm hearing:

  1. Lack of apps that don't require HANA
  2. Apps lack key functionality
  3. Installation is too complicated
  4. No HANA, so we don't see the value
  5. Missing Fiori dev talent to customize apps
  6. Don't know where to start -- i.e. it doesn't make sense to roll out 1 Fiori app, and have our 500 other processes run from SAPGUI

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Answers (2)

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Hi Gavin

Honestly some of the Fiori apps just add beauty to your existing design. The way you see things is important to SOME Business users but I agree not to all. So honestly its like shifting from a nice comfortable house to a mansion there is no benefit essentially but it does make you feel good (Ok sorry it may have used a bad example ) . Also the reasons where I have seen Fiori work is :

1. Development of a custom Fiori based CRM portal : its easy , simple to use and looks pleasant compared to a normal SAP webdynpro based portal or standard GUI screens. We did some custom Fiori applications and they really got a good feedback from the end users and since we designed the whole thing it was a lot better customizable just like using a website.

2. If you have too many end users it would be beneficial as the training cost does actually reduce and those users would want to use it on the go so it makes sense to implement the approval apps and some other apps like create SC ,PO or leave application on the go. SAP has a UX conversion

3.The other KPI and Factsheet apps are actually good when you want to do financial modelling and do not want to solely rely on a BI resource . You can actually let business do these things on their own its almost excel like .. so thats a good thing. But I understand you do not have HANA DB which eliminates this option for you . Try the CRM apps like Track sales pipeline , Customer reports my leads and My notes

There are some other good one in other modules like FI apps , HR Apps, SRM apps

4. For most of the standard Apps it is actually plug and play any Basis resource and a technical resource if they are able to spare time (which I think anyone would be keen to) can do this . Its for the custom apps that you need modification . Also the major modification can be done from backend using ABAP coding and the other front end part can be handled by a good non sap resource as well who knows Javascript HTML5 and CSS. If you use SMP to create custom ones then any mobile app developer can be onboard

The main benefit is that it is FREE it does not cost you a lot except your resources's time to try it out and there is always an option to not use it if it doesn't feel right . I think its worth a try before you decide not to go ahead ..!



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1. SAP version too old for Fiori
2. No need - main driver behind any IT project is either a tangible business benefit (profit increase / cost reduction) or some kind of customer satisfaction (which could lead to increased revenue due to increased business).
3. Most users love their big screens and have no need or desire to use mobile devices. I don't think Fiori looks that great on desktop TBH. In the Support Launchpad I find myself dragging the mouse across the screen quite a lot because the buttons are where it's convenient to the developer, not where it's convenient to me.
4. If we went there I bet we'd run into many of the items you've posted.

Good question

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Great feedback Jelena!

Out of curiosity -- have you reviewed Fiori 2.0? Does that change your perception, or is still not quite there?

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Didn't see many changes as far as dragging the mouse across the screen goes. Did you notice how there is still a tiny button in the top right corner to do things? Slightly more rounded visuals, that's about all I could notice. (I'm sure there is more to it that is just not visible.)

My pet peeve with all the Fiori demos at every event is that they use most simple scenarios. Pick a customer number, pick a product (look at the shiny pictures!), enter price and post on Twitter "I've just entered a sales order!". Again, this might as well be how many companies operate but, for example, manufacturing scenarios with VC (variant configuration) are much more complex. I have yet to see a single Fiori demo for a manufacturing company.

And, as far as reporting, our users are just obsessed with 200 columns x 10000 rows reports. I'm sure C-level would love the dashboards but I guess they don't see sufficient value in them to justify the investment.

To be fair, manufacturing is probably not your average cutting edge industry, these companies seem to be rather conservative and profit margins are very tight. That's what I hear at ASUG meetings in our area as well.