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What makes a controller a subcontroller?

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Hi friends,

I've been tussling with DISPATCH_INPUT() and came to the conclusion that I am not really sure if my subcontrollers are officially subcontrollers. The only description i have for DISPATCH_INPUT is:

* if input is available, dispatch this input to subcomponent.
* this call is only necessary for toplevel controllers.
* ( if this is not a toplevel controller or no input is present,
*   this call returns without any action)

Subcomponent = subcontroller?


According to the following image link, between scenario 1 and 2, which one really has subcontrollers?

Thanks and Regards,

Kevin Wong

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Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hai Kevin,

Look at the following blogs.





Answers (3)

Answers (3)

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Hi Kevin,

As per the link

both the scenarios have subcontrollers.

Main point is, if we are going to crate a instance of any controller in other controller(Main Controller) created one is subcontroller.

In the case of Scenario 1 you are creating the instance of and using <bsp:call > in this case creating the instance of the controller will be taken care by <bsp:call>

In the sencond scenario manully we need to create the instance of the controller and we need to hold the same instance through out the application.

Both are same only the of implementation

is different.

And Regading DISPATCH_INPUT() it makes sure that events will be fired accoding to the Hierarchy level

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Hi Kevin,

you need not write DISPATCH_INPUT() in your subcontrollers its enough to code it in main controller. From where it takes care of events.

Following links can do away your confusions.

In your fig

both scenarios are having subcontrollers.

Hope this helps,



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Both have subcontrollers . you can assign subcontrollers for a controller in both ways .