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what logic behind bisuness content

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where are infomation in which i can systematicly understand principle inside business content?

or somebody could make me clear about it.

i want to know the mechanism of business content,

eg.. i want to know what opration is run inside bw when i performe "install"?

in a word. i want to know not only how ,but why!


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Accepted Solutions (1)

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welcome to SDN forums.

Business content is actually preconfigured objects delivered by SAP based on standard practices. That mean most commonly used datamodels and reports are delivered by SAP which enable BW to be a turn-key datawarehouse.

So Business content which is nothing but metadata about most comonly used Inofobjects,cubes ...etc are delivered when you install BW. but they will not be activated and hence not usable in your system. So it is called "D" version of a business content which is nothing but standard definition of the objects in XML form.

When you click install this metadata is is transfered in to the active version and creates all the nessasary structures which enables you to work with these objects ..for example all the underlying tables of a cube. And now you can call this as "A" Active version

of business content. that means we can work with these objects in BW.

But when the standard definition wont fit your organizational requirements we will enhance the definition bychanging these objects . then it is called "M" modified version of business content. that means it is active version of objects and with a new definiton

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WHat best practices does is to give a set of standard objects to hit the ground running on your BW implementation. You could think of it as prepackaged content to speed up creation of data objects and essentially the design phase.

What happens when you install Business COntent is that the Business content gets activated - the version is changed from "D' to A as ashwin mentioned.

The cubes and ODS delilvered are derived from standard industry practices for the same.

Arun Varadarajan

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Answers (1)

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