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wHAT IS view and Custom Controller and basic diffrence between them ?

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wHAT IS view and Custom Controller and basic diffrence between them ?

And How i create it ...pls tell me step by step.



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Hi Bhatia

The difference is very simple

A view controller is nothing but a java class and specific to that View.It contains methods to handle lay out and methods to handle the data present in that specific view context.So the code written at certain points is only for that View.The Webdynpro generates View Controller for each view.

A Custom controller and Component Controllers logically have no differences.The java class that defines some mechanism common to some group of views is Component Controller/Custom controller.

You can define some functionality here which is common and done only once in the whole life cycle of Applications like a DB Connection etc.



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Hi Gurprit,

The controller is responsible for programm control, determining the data flow between the

view and the model and handling events.

There are different types of controllers:

· A view controller is directly assigned to a view.

· The component controller is the central instance to which you can add other custom

controllers. These controllers interact with the model.

· An interface controller makes its data available to a higher-level component.

Warm Regards,


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Custom controllers are similar to the component controller in that they too have no visual interface. However, the existence of custom controllers is controlled entirely by the Web Dynpro developer at design time. Declaring the existence of a Web Dynpro Component causes the component controller to be created automatically, but this is not the case with custom controllers. Custom controllers are only created by an explicit design time declaration.

A view controller is the controller within a Web Dynpro component that handles both the presentation of business data, and responses to user input. This covers all aspects of data presentation, and calling action handlers in response to user input. A view controller is always considered to be a consumer of data; therefore it cannot be nominated as a “Required Controller” by any other Web Dynpro Controller.

The context of a view controller cannot be used to hold persistent data. Once a view controller is no longer a member of the current View Assembly, then the view controller instance and all its data is lost.


Abhijith YS

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A View Controller is specific to the View while the Custom controller is global and the context is available across the WD Application.

- Chintan

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