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What is the recommended approach when connecting a BTP custom app to Cloud Integration?

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We have a custom app on the Cloud Foundry that needs to make requests to our Cloud Integration tenant. What is the recommended authentication method for this?

We have several integration flows exposed as a SOAP service endpoint and we intend to use User Role auth on the iFlow so what is the best approach when configuring the service instance to allow communications from SAP BTP to SAP Cloud Integration (which is also on Cloud Foundry)?

At the moment we intend to use a "destination" to configure the communication from SAP BTP to Cloud Integration.

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Product and Topic Expert


SAP BTP Connectivity policy templates available in SAP API Business Hub facilitates easy and secure inbound communications for SAP Cloud Platform Integration services ( REST/ SOAP or OData)

Please refer to the blog below that helps you determine how this can be achieved:

In the above blog they have referenced to HTTP protocol, but remember, HTTP is the native transport layer protocol that can carry plain, soap, json or ODATA messages. For simplicity, we can assume it to be the Father of transport protocols with Children like SOAP, REST and ODATA

Please refer to the Help Document that describes the Inbound and Outbound Communication. The Document also explains what would be relevant for Neo and Cloud Foundry.

It's quite hard for me to say what would be the recommended approach, but OAuth allows you to set up authentication scenarios without the need to share credentials.

More information on the concepts:

Protecting Applications with OAuth 2.0

OAuth 2.0 Specification

Hope this informations share insightful update.

Thank you!

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