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What is the method isMemberOfRole in IUser class for?

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Can anybody throw light on the purpose of the method

isMemberOfRole in the IUser class?

I have been trying to use it to compare user roles but without success.

IUser usr = WDClientUser.getCurrentUser().getSAPUser();



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hi Meesum,

Go to user administration>roles in Portal

click start

It lists all the roles.The first column is the id.Identify the id of the role you want to check.Try giving it in isMemberOfRole()

Hope this helps you



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Cut-n-paste from API documentation:

<i>Checks if the principal belongs to the passed roleId This method does a recursive search if parameter recursive is set to true. If this user belongs to a group which is a member of a role, true is returned.</i>


uniqueIdOfRole - identifying the role

recursive - if true checks also all parent groups


true if this user is directly or indirectly (via role membership) assigned.


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hi Meesum,

Check this link out



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Hi Meesum,

IUser.isMemberOfRole() takes the first parameter as the UniqueId of the role. I think the value you are providing is the display name for the role.

Hope this helps,

Best Regards,


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Have you checked this ?

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Try this code

IWDClientUser user = WDClientUser.getCurrentUser();

IUser userID = user.getSAPUser();

String Userrole=new String();

for (Iterator iter = userID.getRoles(true); iter.hasNext();) {

IRole role = UMFactory.getRoleFactory().getRole((String);



You can use user.getSAPUser().isMemberOfGroup() method also

Regards, Anilkumar