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what is the difference between IAC iview and Transaction Iview

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what is the difference between IAC iview and Transaction Iview.

Is it possible to open multiple sessions from any of the iviews.if yes what properties do we need to set

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Hi ,

Check this below link.



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Transaction iViews as the name suggests point to SAP transactions. These iViews can be presented in three flavors out of portal - Win,Web and Java GUI. All have their different advantages. One rule of thumb I have been followins is that if the SAP transaction has a lot of user input go with WinGui (talk to users who use these transactions the most and find out what GUI would make them more happy)

WebGui is pretty good in scenarios where the transaction is going to be mostly getting the information a some little interaction. Haven't had a chance to try Java GUI.

Now about IAC or internet application component iviews. These iviews mostly point to services based on ITS i.e. web applications which are served thru ITS. How are they different from SAP transactions served thru webgui is that these have more web like look and feel. A good exampple of this kind of application is Shopping Cart in the Enterprise Buyer Professional. The web like look and feel is given by the service files in ITS.

some questions

1. Is one preferable to the other?

ans: Please read above

2. Is there a corresponding IAC for every SAP Transaction?

ans :No

3. Can either use WebGui or WinGui mode?

ANS: IACs don't have wingui mode.

4. Why do IAC Services need to be "activated"?

ANS: Otherwise they won't be published to ITS and you cannot access them.

search in sdn you will get more info. this answer is from one of the thread

[Transaction versus IAC iView (What's the difference?)|;

ohh its already given... I didn't check

this is also useful



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Hi Bala,

Check the below thread for multiple sessions

Hope it helps!

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Hi Bala,

Hope you are doing good.

Check this thread.

Hope this helps.


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