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what is the clix command to mount a repository

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I have a repository that was marked as invalid after an unarchive was done. The repository has been successfully unmounted via CLIX commands. The repository does not appear as an option in the Console for remount. I would remount it via CLIX but cannot get the syntax correct. Cllix does not seem to recognize the port, it gives me an error message saying to use ports > 2000.

Does anyone know the exact syntax for mount a repository via Clix? Very detailed answer, please.

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Answers (2)

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Hi Rose,

Check the syntax for mounting the repository

CLIX repMount MDMHostSpec RepositorySpec port


- MDMHostSpec is the MDM Server name or the IP Address

- RepositorySpec is the repository name

- port is the port number on which the repository should be mounted (The port must be in the range 2000-9999)


Jitesh Talreja

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Please try below syntax

Command to mount the repository - repMount

Basic syntax for CLIX commands - CLIX command_name [arguments] [option flags]

You may use FORCE option flag if you wish to forcebly mount the repository.