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What is sap script ? why is it required

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The standard system come with all the standard sapscripts for you to print invoices, delivery orders or sales order etc. You can further enhance the form with SAPscripts which is the standard SAP form design tools for user to developed customized form printing format such as purchase orders, invoices, checks, labels.

With the combination of third party barcode software (barcode.dll) or printer with bardimm, you can print barcode directly using SAP scripts.

To create SAPscipts goto tcode : SE71

Once your SAPscripts are created, you have to used an abap program to called the sapscripts form.

<b>SAPScript Transaction codes</b>

1.SE71 - Form painter

2.SE72 - Style maintenance

3.SE78 - SapScript Graphics Management

4.SO10 - Create standard text module

<b>SAPScript Important Programs</b>

Here are some useful programs for SAPSCRIPT development/search ...

RSTXFCAT - Program to find out SAP Scirpt names (Search Program)

RSTXCDM1 - SAPscript: Sample Program for Form Printing

RSTXCNVR - Converting SAPscript standard text to RAW format (ASCII)

RSTXCPDF - Routines for Converting OTF Format to PDF Format

RSTXDBUG - Activate/Deactivate Form Debugger

RSTXFCAT - Find Forms

RSTXFCPY - Copy Forms Between Clients

RSTXFCOM - Comparison of Two Forms

RSTXFCON - SAPscript: Conversion of Page Format for Forms

RSTXFINF - Comprehensive Information about a Specific Form

RSTXHTML - Conversion of SAPscript Texts (ITF) to HTML

RSTXICON - List of SAP icons and their names and SAP numbers <xxxxx>

RSTXSYMB - List of SAP symbols and their names as well as <xxxxx> SAP number

RSTXR3TR - Transport Program For SAPscript Transport Objects

RSTXSCAT - Find Styles

RSTXSF01 - TrueType font installation for SAPscript/SmartForms

RSTXTCAT - Find Standard Texts

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