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What is SAP HANA XSA responsible for?


I know that XSA is an application framework which makes development and database access easier for applications. It can be installed with SAP HANA. Besides this functionality, is the same XSA also responsible for job and schedule creation? Basically, if I choose not to install XSA, does it mean that I will not be able to run schedules(e.g. scheduled backups from cockpit)?

Thanks in advance

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Hello Andranik,

There are two version of XS engine available - XS Classic and XS Advanced. XS Classic comes as integrated service by default when you install HANA Database. There are some standard delivery units that are still using XSC like job scheduler. So until and unless, if you are not doing any development on HANA, integrated XSC works fine for standard SAP functionalities which are delivered as part of each version.

But if you are planning for development on HANA, it is now recommended to go with XSA. As XSC will become obsolete in near future and all application developed using XSC needs to be moved to XSA.

You can refer below links to understand more on XSA.

The Path to SAP HANA Extended Application Services, Advanced Model

SAP HANA Extended Application Services, Advanced Model

Comparing XS Classic to XS Advanced

NOTE: In you case, you will be able to schedule jobs from Cockpit for all HANA databases but you have to enable scheduler for each databases in cockpit - Manage database backups > Configure backup > Data backup settings > Data backup Scheduler



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thank you very much