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what is java cluster?

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Hi all,

can some one explain me regarding Java cluster


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The java cluster consists of the Central Instance and the Central Services.

Central Services consist of the message server and the enqueue server. Since it provides the central functions.

Message server is used for communication while enqueue server is used for synchronization/locking.

Central instance is the instance which has the dispatcher and the concerned server nodes.

Dispatcher is the one which receives the client request either directly or via sep web dispatcher and then decides as to which server nodes are free to service the request.

Server nodes are the one's which serves the request where the application logic are applied.

SDM( Software deployment manager) is also installed along with these during installation.

It itself is a big topic but at this point i have given you the basics of it.

Any issues feel free to ask.

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Hi Swamy,

For Java cluster basics check

(Java Cluster Architecture (SAP Library - Developing, Configuring, and Adapting Applications)

For Java cluster setup

(Java Cluster Setup (SAP Library - Developing, Configuring, and Adapting Applications)

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Cluster VM for Java is a Java Virtual Machine (JVM) that provides a Single System Image (SSI) of a traditional JVM, while executing in a distributed fashion on the nodes of a cluster.

We consider a cluster to have the following characteristics:

A collection of independent nodes, where each node may be an SMP .

All of the nodes have a homogeneous architecture and operating system where the operating system is not cluster aware .

By homogeneous architecture, we require compatibility of binary executables .

The nodes are connected by a fast (low latency, high throughput) communication mechanism .

There is no physically shared memory between the nodes .

I think this would be helpful to you.



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A Java cluster is a collection of all components that make system runnable or in other words that makes it possible to process user requests.

Therefore, it consists of Java instance ( central + any no. of dialog inst) which includes Software Deployment Manager (SDM) and other processes like server processes and of course the database.

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Hi Swamy

Check the below link...

it would be very helpful for your need.



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Java cluster consists of

1 Java dispatcher

2. SDM