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What is difference between tha master data and tranction data

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Hi, Gurus

this is sudhakar

i want to no what is the difference between the transaction data and master data give with examples .



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Master Data(MD) is the detailed info of Entity

Ex: if entity is customer in 1 transaction, then Master data is custno,custname,custadd,cuatreg,custsal etc, which is detailed info of customer.

To Optimize the Data Modelling(to avoid repetion of MD),MD is devided into attr ,text and Hier data.

attr data is the data of attributes of main entity.

Text data is to maintain the entity in different languages.

Hier data is to show hier effect in report.

Transaction Data is the data which represents a transaction

Ex:If cust place a order of 10000 then this is Transaction data

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The most important data classes are master data, transaction data, organizational data and system


Master data is data that is rarely modified. An example of master data is the data of an address file, for

example the name, address and telephone number.

Transaction data is data that is frequently modified. An example is the material stock of a warehouse,

which can change after each purchase order.

Organizational data is data that is defined during customizing when the system is installed and that is

rarely modified thereafter. The country keys are an example.

System data is data that the R/3 System itself needs. The program sources are an example

for more info go through..




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check in forum and post ur queries.