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What is a stable MI and MAM patch level.

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We are currently trying to setup our environment for MI. We have read through many documentation and threads regarding patch levels, but are confused.

Basically here is our current status and what we deployed to the client:

Our Server Java Engine is at Patch 15.

Our MI25 framework was installed from version SP9.

We then patched it up in the following order:

MI25SP13P0, MI25SP13P11, MI25SP14P0, MI25SP14P06, MI25SP15P0, <b>MI25SP15P01</b>.


Our MAM application is at <b>MAM25SR2</b>.

Is this a stable environment?

Were the patches put in the correct order?

We want to check this is correct, because we are having troubles deploying our SyncBo's to the client.

We would appreciate some feedback. Thank you.

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Hi Alex ,

Here the client and server are with latest patch.

I think , its is better to do the fresh installation of

MI25SP13 first and then can apply the patch for MI25SP15P01.

As far as the server is concerned , it is also with the latest SP and patch.

But you have to apply some notes in the server for improving the performance .Notes are available in the service market place.(i think ,this is applicable if there is huge amount of data to be passed to the client.)

I think applying the notes in server is equivalent to upgrade it to sp16. As i mentioned earlier , u can achieve the functionality performance of sp16 , by applying some notes in the server.(here mainly have to change the standard SAP function modules used by MI framework . this is only possible with service key. it will be available with your basis guy. i think SAP itself is doing testing in sp16).

just have a look at this. applications/mobile application faq/mam client faq.faq

Let me know what are the troubles you are facing.


Kishor Gopinathan