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What does mean You can include static and dynamic tables into a Smart Form?

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Hi guys,

If you check the official documentation for Smart forms in the Internet you will read that the initial pharagraphs of the text tell you "Tables - You can include static and dynamic tables into a Smart Form. Dynamic tables enable you to display tables whose size is determined only at the moment of their output by the number of the table items to be displayed". The link is the following:

I was wondering if this means that I can use field symbols with dynamical number of columns to print a smart form. Because it would be great since the customer wanted a dynamical report depending on the week day it was (If Monday, there was only 12 columns, but if Friday, it will be 52 columns (1 column more for every day elapsed in the current week)). I had to create 5 different forms, but I think using field symbols I had spent less effort. Do you know if it is really possible? If not, then what does mean "You can include static and dynamic tables into a Smart Form"?

Thank you in advance

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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi ,

The concept of static and dynamic tables in smartforms, means you can use template- ( static table as no of rows and columns is fixed). Also you can use table- dynamic as the no of rows will depend on your line items.

Hope this will help you to close this thread.

Also, try to find this answer in posted forums. Creating a new forum everytime just increases the network traffic. So please try to avoid it.



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Answers (1)

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That has nothing to do with the table definition or number of columns. They are referring to the number of rows. Sometimes you have tables that will always have a fixed number of rows and most often you have tables with an unknown number until runtime based on selections...