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What does an ESFRuntimeException mean?

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Hello All,

could anyone please tell me what does an ESFRuntimeException mean? I'm using the standard WebDynPro APIs, however when I try to get the ID of a record from the backend, I get this.

Here is the line of Code that's causing it:

 nodeElement = nodeElement.getAssociatedBONodeElement(idNodePath<i>); 

The scenario is:

I save and activate a record in a cell and there the Description comes up fine, but when I refresh the screen, the description is lost due to this Exception.

Could anyone please advise ?

Thanks a lot,


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Their could me many reasons for a ESF Runtime exception,

1.Your Bo node might be invalid.

As your code and the scenario is not clear I guess

nodeElement = nodeElement.getAssociatedBONodeElement(idNodePath<i>);

nodeElement is of type IBONodeElement

try to check this is a valid element before you make a call to get the associated node element

idNodePath<i> should to be a Valid ESRName




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Hi Ayyappa,

thanks a lot for taking time out to reply to my post, but I have found out the answer to why I was getting the ESFRuntimeException.



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