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What do when connection is lost?

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Hello experts,

i need a solution for one of my problems and pehabs one of you has an idiea how to handle it.

In my company we work a lot with bsp applications on mobile devices (laptop, handhelds) and wlan.

In some of our facilitys there are some areas where wlan is not strong enough, so the connections break.

The users sometimes doesnt realise this, an want to work on, and the page gets an http error "page is not available",

so far this is not that big problem. The real problem is that we sometimes set enques on the on Init handler of a page, if the connection breaks noch, the locks are still there. If the user connects again and want to chose the element he had before the connection break, he gets an error that the object is locked, so an administrator must delete the lock manually via SM12.

Has someone an idea how we can handle this?

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Answers (3)

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solved my own

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In the INITIALIZATION event, use DEQUE_TABLE (pls check the spelloing) function module to release the lockj of the table...

it will not give error even the lock was released...

Hope it will solve the problem..



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Hi Benjamin,

Please review SAP notes 920979, 956870 and 499117. You should start

to applying the recommendations of these notes in order to avoid some

known errors (especially SAP note 920979 contains rules of thumbs on howto set the parameters).

Please chech the Enqueue Statics in lock entries.

checked that parameter enque/table_size value is SAP default value (4096) need to modify this

Hope this will help you.


Arun Jaiswal