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What attribute should I use to represent FioriAppID for "Task" in Signavio

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I would appreciate it if you could answer following question.

I downloaded a BPMN file from SAP Best Practice(for S/4HANA Cloud Private Edition, Procurement of Direct Materials (J45))

and imported the file(Import BPMN 2.0 xml) to Signavio(30 days trial edition).

Tasks of flow were imported but I found that Fiori App ID(for example "F0842A" for Purchase Order Creation) is not mapped in any attributes of a task.

We can see the App ID and App name in "Test Script" but these are not imported to Signavio by BPMN file.



Which attribute should I use to represent FioriAppID( or TCODE) for "Task" in Signavio process manager?

If there's no standard attribute, do we have to create own custom attribute for it?


Or is this because I imported file by BPMN 2.0 XML, not SAP Signavio archive(SGX)?

[What I've checked]

I've investigated HELP Portal but according to following page, there's no specific attribute for FioriAppID.



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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert


Thanks for reaching out!

I confirm that the Fiori App ID is not map in the dictionary entitle to the Procurement of Direct Materials (J45) process from our library. I suggest that you create this attribute on your own. This guideline explains in details how to add and manage customer Attributes from your workspace:

Here are videos specific on how to add and customize attributes:

Here is a short course with videos on how to configure you attributes:

Let me know if this is helpful enough or if you need further support.



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Hi @julienmoigno. Thank you for your comment! Your answer is enough helpful for my question. I chose your comment as supportive comment. Sincerely, Koichiro