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what are the types of SSO?

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Hi Gurus,

I knew two types of SSO?

1,SSO using LOGON tickets.


what is the third type and need of the third type.

Higher points will be rewarded for valuable inputs.

Thanks in Advance,


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Answers (2)

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Another one is - Kerberoes authentication, SSO with Windows.



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1. SSO using logon tickets using a reference system if the user id in portal is different from the backend system and involving usermapping

2. SSO with logon tickets without user mapping when both the ID s are similar

3. User mapping when logon tickets cannot be used

For the SSO set up you need to set up the SSOLOGONTICKET under the logon method and then go to the user administration and identity management and do the user mapping with that particular systems ID.

This method is done only when the external system has an user id different from that of the portal.

Hence u perform SSO and user mapping.

If the user id in portal is the same as the backend system u don’t need to do a user mapping and just SSO WITH LOGON TIKCETS is good enough.

If you set up the user,admin under the user management the user can go to personalize and do the user mapping.

If its set only to the admin the administrator has to got to the user administrator and identity management and set up the user mapping.