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What are the types of HANA projects

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Let's say an organisation bought a HANA box, as a side car scenario, while their legacy database is also there...what are the projects that the company can have for a ABAP backend developer.

I am aware of these two , do you have any other

  1. Creating the reports by modelling...and integrate them with SAP lumira or tableau (Implementation Project).
  2. Performance enhancement of previous Abap code by implmenting CDS views and AMDP procedure(ABAP ON HANA project---enhancement project)

Anything else. ?

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Answers (1)

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You can develop new applications using HANA as an in-memory columnar based db, integrated with your existing landscape. For example, you want to collect data from censors, real-time processing in HANA by XSA engine and send data to existing solution or evoke some processes. This is called New Project in your terminology. (You need to extend your programming skills, for native development, not too difficult for an OO Abap programmer)