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What are the pre-requisistes before stepping into MI?

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Hello All,

Am gonna start learning SAP MI on few days now.

Wanted to know what are the pre-requisistes before learning this technology?

In other words, is it a must to know J2ME & XML very well?

Awaiting Reply.

Thanks and Warm Regards,


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Answers (3)

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Hi Ritu,

Pre-requisites for MI

1. Basic ABAP,

2. Java,

3. Administrative knowledge of installing WAS Server

J2ME & XML are not mandatory. A overview of them is enough.

Hope it helps,



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You need to know ABAP to work in the backend and either JSP or JAVA to develop your client applications.

But the important thing is you need to know the MI architecture and the SYNC theory parts very well to understand the data flow in the MI server.



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Hi Ritu,

For MI applications , we have to do application component developments in both ABAP and Java.

In general MI Application = Java Component + ABAP component.

Java component means , which is running on the client device , we are accessing the MI applicatiion throught the Java component .

For running this Java components , we need proper runtimes.

Currently we have JSP Runtime and AWT Runtime .

JSP Runtime supports JSP applications and , AWT Runtime supports AWT applications.

If u have basic knowledge for application developments in JSP and AWT , then no problem with Java component development.(there is no need to know in detail about J2ME and XML).Basic knowledge of XML is necesssary for Client side application development.

Refer these helps for Client Side application development.

What is SAP Mobile Infrastructure?

Client runtime

SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio and MI Support

MDK Plug-in Configuration

New Mobile Infrastructure Project

Tips and Tricks using the MDK Plug-in

For MI Applications , as i mentioned earlier one ABAP part is also there.. Knowledge of ABAP , RFC and BAPI is necessary for Back end application developments(for BAPI Wrapper Creaion and Sync Bo Creation).

refer these links for Back end application development

What is a BAPI Wrapper ?

Developing a simple Smart Sync Application

and refer these forums also...


Kishor Gopinathan