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what are the fundamentals concepts to know about BEX Queries on Multi Cube?

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i have executed a Bex Query on a Multi Cube (2 Cubes: SalesAnalysis, SalesAnalysisHistoric) but i havn't received the same data that we have in R/3, after i have executed the same query on just one cube (SalesAnalysis) and the result it was correct.

please can Somebody explain me the basic concept relation between the datatargets when i execute a query on a Multicube? how BW server try to find data and what is the criteria and the relation between the various caracteristics and key figures of the Multicube components? there some fundamentals join?

when i create i query on a Multicube and i choose a caracteristic or a key figure how can i know that caracteristic or key figure is from one cube or another cube?

Thanks For ALL


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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Bilal,

Multiprovider is not a join, it is actually a union of the data. So all the data of the base data targets used in the MP will combine subject to the settings made in identification and selection screens of the multiprovider. In the query designer, the source of the KF or char is transparent to cannot make out until you open the MP in the edit mode.

Hope this helps...

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