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What are the activities of Enterprise Portal Admin do ???

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Hello Form,

I am a BASIS Person (R/3, WEB AS upto 6.40) . I have installed EP 6.0 also.

I am new to Enterprise Portal.

1.If some one can list all the topics for a EP Administrator that will be great help for me to focus my study.

2. Also What are the activities of EP Administrator

Thanks a lot.


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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Ravish,

<b>Ques 1) If some one can list all the topics for a EP Administrator that will be great help for me to focus my study.</b>

<b>Ans:</b> As a EP administrator you have to take care of all all the issues regarding the:

1. Creation of Users, Groups, Roles.

2. Assigning the roles to the user.

3. Creating and managing the groups and assigning the users to grops.

4. Taking care of all the portal Object created. Checking of all the Portal related logs for insuring that all the portal services are working fine.

5. If there are some issues regarding the users data and there objects then you have to take care of that.

I guess you must be knowing that there are few roles that you need to have the full control of portal. You must these roles to manage all the administrative functions of the portal.

<b>Ques 2. Also What are the activities of EP Administrator?</b>

Ans: Well this question is more or less same as above. I cannot figure out what extra you want to know here. But also let me tell you about the KM related issues in Portal. There is one part of EP that is <b>KM (Knowledge Management)</b>. This is related with the Knowledge sharing using the management of the documents and other resources which are stored in the server repository. By this functionality you can manage the document and can share your documents and relevant data with other.

One more thing is <b>Collaboration</b>, related to the collaboration of various members of the portal. Here you can configure IM (Instant Messsaging), Desktop Sharing, and various other features.

I think this information will help you. If you want some more clarification then please let me know.



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Answers (1)

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