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What about the Fiori App Custom Code Analytics for OnPremise Systems

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additionally to the already used CCM App we found in the Launchpad the App
Custom Code Analytics and also a Blog Entry from SAP to this Topic.

This App seem for us more valueable when trying to answer the questions of Usage Analysis.

So my Question : Is is possible to Import the SUSG Data as we have done it in the CCM App ?

And what are the main differences between those Apps

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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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  • CCM App:
    I think you mean the "Custom Code Management" function of Solution Manager, sometimes we also call it CCLM.
    Regarding your question "Is it possible to Import the SUSG Data as we have done it in the CCM App ?", I am in doubt based on another post:
    We can see a user asked, "can we still import the data already stored/aggregated by SUSG into Solution Manager BW?"
    The answer from olga.dolinskaja is no, "because also the aggregation of data in SUSG is different as in Solution Manager BW, they are not compatible."
  • Custom Code Analytics:
    I think you have already referenced the community thread on Custom Code Analytics:
    To add further info to it, data collection of Custom Code Analytics can be achieved in two ways:
    1. You need a Solution Manager system in place and configure "Custom Code Analytics Setup"(KBA 2765131) via
    -transaction solman_setup
    -Custom Code Management
    -Step3 Set Up Custom Code Management
    -Custom Code Analytics Setup
    2. If there is no Solution Manager system in place, data can also be collected from managed systems directly via EWA(KBA 2947886).
    Also please check below prerequisite mentioned in KBA
    3074404 - Custom Code Analytics based on EWA: Recommended tool activations
    "To be able to determine the usage of custom code objects, please activate the SUSG tool for aggregated usage information"
  • Differences between CCM App and Custom Code Analytics:
    1. Without a Solution Manager system, Custom Code Analytics can also
    2. Custom Code Analytics is a cloud-based tool, which is enhanced to support customers in S/4 HANA operations