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WF setting after system replica

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Hi Friends,

When there is system replica done by basis then what all WF settings we need to check and what all we need to do munally.



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Accepted Solutions (1)

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The Workflow RFC Destination was often overlooked on system copies so I got into the habit of checking it before starting any WF in the new system.

An easy way to inspect/set it is to use the Automatic Workflow Customizing (SWU3). You will find it as the first step under "Maintain Runtime Environment" is "Configure RFC Destination".

Also check with your Security Team to confirm that the user WF-BATCH exists and has Profiles SAP_ALL and S_A.SYSTEM.

While you're in SWU3 its worth reviewing the remaining settings too. Minimally, start all the background jobs for

Or you could run transactions SWDC_RUNTIME, SWF_RFC_DEST, and SWPA.

Also check that the Event Linkages are activated.

This is the practice I follow. I hope it works for you.

Tom Carruth

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Hi Thomas,

I have done these checks.. what these two meant for SWDC_RUNTIME, SWF_RFC_DEST?


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SWDC_RUNTIME - Workflow runtime administration data


SWF_RFC_DEST - Configure RFC Destination



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