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WESelectCascadeExt - spaces not getting replaced with %20

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<div><span class="675384019-01032007"><font face="Arial" size="2">Hi Jamie</font></span></div><div></div><div><span class="675384019-01032007"><font face="Arial" size="2">We have a very small problem with the 3 level hierarchy we have set up. We have 3 drop down boxes and we used the example in the WebElementsDCP report and got the drop down boxes to cascade correctly using the 3 arrays P1L1, P1L2, P1L3. We did not change any of the code behind these arrays in the HierarchyBuilder sub-report.</font></span></div><div></div><div></div><div><span class="675384019-01032007"><span class="675384019-01032007"><font face="Arial" size="2">One of our arrays has values that contain spaces. These spaces do not get replaced with a %20 when they are concatenated in the openDocument string. As a result, the submit button does not do anything and the report refreshes with the initial parameters. I have attached a screen shot of the parameter string working correctly and one where the space is not replaced with the %20.</font></span></span></div><div><span class="675384019-01032007"></span></div><div><span class="675384019-01032007"><span class="675384019-01032007"><font face="Arial" size="2">Have you experienced this before and know of a quick fix?</font></span></span></div>

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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hello AJ,

when you are using any of the cascading EXT controls you'll want to ensure that your values are encoded when you roll them up. only if they contain any characters that will cause your final url to choke of course.

if you have a display field called and a value field called use urlencode when you are rolling up the values. this way the opendocument url won&#39;t throw a wrench.

for example, in your subreport where you are rolling up the data, use syntax similar to

"stringvar value1:= urlencode();"

see urlencode in your crystal reports online help for more info on the different levels of encoding values.



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